Roughly 10 percent of Kauai is accessible by car, while the rest of the island can only be explored by hiking, air tours and kayaking. Many travelers seeking unconventional experiences come to Kauai just for that reason.

On Kauai's peaks, experienced hikers can trek along the Napali Coast on the 11-mile Kalalau Trail to see incomparable views. Kokee State Park also features some of the island's best hiking trails. On Kauai's shoreline, you can discover a variety of hidden beaches. From Mahaulepu Beach east of Poipu Beach Park, where George C. Scott portrayed Ernest Hemingway in the film "Islands in the Stream," to the North Shore's Kauapea Beach (Secret Beach), Kauai's beautiful beaches are always a joy to discover.

You can also find hidden treasures in Kauai's small towns, from the art galleries of Hanapepe to the West Kauai Technology and Visitor Center in Waimea Town. Sail the Napali Coast or explore its hidden sea caves by zodiac. Or to really try something new, go on an outdoor adventure by ziplining above Kauai's rainforests or mountain tubing in Lihue's irrigation channels. You'll see that some of Hawaii's best-kept secrets can be found on Kauai.