Shout out to The Travel Connection in St. George Utah! Celece and her team have had an amazing year with Mark Travel, but especially with Blue Sky Tours. They have made 500 Club for the first time and I could not be happier to be working with them! Congratulations Celece! I hope your wedding was amazing! Thank you.

I couldn’t ask for a better travel partner than Emily Kladivo of Emily's Travel. She has been a strong supporter of Blue Sky Tours for years. She embraces all of the opportunities we offer to build her business and it shows. Thank you Emily.

I am grateful for the relationship we have with Professional Travel in Ohio. The continued support we have received from this amazing group of agents is much appreciated.

I’d like to specifically recognize the owners of Hawaii Aloha Travel for being one of our strongest partners for over 15 years. The agency has invested a significant amount of time and money in technology to improve their business, including a mobile friendly website with videos, podcast, and blog. During my last visit to Hawaii I visited Hawaii Aloha Travel and was featured on a podcast discussing the ‘Southwest Effect’ on Hawaii along with the value of using a travel agent and tour operator for booking vacation packages. Thank you Hawaii Aloha Travel for your relationship and innovation!

Travel To Paradise is constantly providing positive, constructive feedback to help Blue Sky Tours evolve and continue to be a leading wholesaler to Hawaii and the South Pacific. I appreciate the time and effort it takes to make suggestions so we can make the learning greater than the experience with everything we do. Most people just book with a different wholesaler if we don’t have a specific room category, promotion, or hotel, but Travel To Paradise will always give us a shot to match or beat our competitors. Thank you Travel To Paradise for your commitment, relationship and support!

I am thankful for Hawaiian Travel, both Laura and Bryan continue to support Blue Sky Tours year after year. They are a joy and delight to work with and are always looking for ways to learn more and to grow their business with us! Thank you.

I am grateful for agency partners, like Salem Travel, that continue to support and promote our TMTC brands, especially Blue Sky Tours. Their support for Hawaii over the last year is great and they continue to send clients on excellent vacations that are unique and give their clients positive experiences. I appreciate their continued efforts and support!